How Many Oscars Can This Instagram of Britney Spears Painting Win?

Every once in awhile, a film comes along that captures the nationโ€™s political, social and economic mood and becomes an instant classic, hailed for its unique vision and tight storytelling.

That, everyone, is Britney Spearsโ€™ latest post in Instagram. The short video, which went live on Friday afternoon, features Spears at the canvas, one knee sitting on a stool, unleashing her pain and inner torment onto the canvas.

โ€œStunning and brave.โ€ INTO

โ€œYouโ€™ll be dancing in the aisles!โ€ The Extremely Me Times

โ€œSpears is a revelation.โ€ The Mathew Rodriguez Journal

Thereโ€™s nothing about this cinematic masterpiece that doesnโ€™t deserve rewarding. It has a great storyline, wonderful cinematography, an original score and hair and makeup that keeps the eyes dancing.

May we have the envelope, please?

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