Iconic: Two Straight Men Marry to Avoid Inheritance Tax

· Updated on May 28, 2018

Heterosexual men have learned how to scam and we applaud it.

Two straight best friends Matt Murphy and Michael O’Sullivan married in Dublin earlier this week in order to avoid an inheritance tax equal to about $59,000.

According to the Irish Mirror, Murphy, 83, wanted to leave his home to O’Sullivan, 58, in his will. O’Sullivan is Murphy’s caretaker and the two have lived together for almost 30 years. However, Murphy realized that the tax bill that O’Sullivan would have to pay after he died would mean he’d end up losing the house.

“The equality gay and lesbian people did for this country, that they fought hard for, they were discriminated against for most of their lives, they got equality for themselves but also for everybody else,” O’Sullivan told the Mirror.

Murphy described O’Sullivan as his best friend: “I would have loved to have had a brother or sister.”

He added, “He’s always so concerned about me. He’s my best friend.”

Here’s to (legally) scamming your way to a house!


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