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Angelica Ross just said what we’re all thinking

Less than a month after Angelica Ross took to Twitter to expose Ryan Murphy (and others) for disrespectful, transphobic, and downright crappy behavior on the set of “American Horror Story,” she’s continued to speak out about the injustice she’s faced as a Black trans woman in Hollywood. Not only that, she’s reminding us of some harsh home truths.

For instance: Anti-trans bills aren’t about protecting children, and they never were.

While the right is busy making trans people—specifically trans children—the latest political boogeyman, Ross is telling it like it is. If Republicans really wanted children to be safe, they’d vote for stricter gun control mandates. Instead, they’re busy creating a problem that doesn’t actually exist.

Not only that, but the religious right seems to be forgetting a crucial aspect of their own flawed stance when it comes to “protecting” children. The consequences of the great Catholic child abuse cover-up—which formed the subject of the 2015 Best Picture winner Spotlight—are still with us today. A recent report from the New York Times shows that while even more instances of abuse of children under 18 by Catholic priests have been uncovered since the initial investigation in the early 2000s, it remains difficult to bring these cases to trial.

Simply put: if the religious right actually cared about protecting children, they wouldn’t be pointing the finger at trans people. They’d be calling for greater accountability from the Church and talking back to the gun lobby about the threats that actually harm—and in many instances kill—children in this country.

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