Gay Gods

Beatles fans are hoping these juicy homoerotic details will make it into the biopic

In case you’ve been living under a rock, there’s a new Beatles biopic afoot—in fact, there are four Beatles biopics afoot, one for each Beatle. Because it wasn’t enough that we got 120 solid hours of Beatle in Peter Jackson’s documentary Get Back: the people are calling for more Beatles.

The minute the biopic was announced—Sam Mendes will be directing all four films—casting ideas came flying from all four corners of the Internet, and what do you know, some of them even had merit!

But there’s an even more important question surrounding this four-part cinematic experience: will the gay bits be included?

You know…the gay bits?

Not only did Paul and John participate in group masturbation (it was the 60s) and probably group sex (it was the 70s), they famously had a gay manager (the talented Brian Epstein) and almost signed on for a very gay movie penned by the very gay English playwright Joe Orton. The first scene of the never-developed project opened on all four Beatles naked together in bed.

Whether or not the biopics will include any gay details, we’re probably going to see it anyway. Who are we kidding? But it would be nice to see that group jerking session, especially if they find an artful way to do it. Sam Mendes, this is your sign to rewatch Amarcord!

Give us the gay stuff!

Mendes, we are counting on you to do our boys right.

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