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Bradley Cooper apparently wants this famous man inside of him

Paging the late, great spirit of Anna Nicole Smith! We have another ghostf*cker in the house, and it’s none other than Oscar desirer/fake schnozz wearer/actor Bradley Cooper.

In a recent interview with IndieWire, the Maestro actor talked about channeling the spirit of gay composer Leonard Bernstein in order to avoid doing any real acting in the biopic.

Which…you know, tracks.

Now far be it from us to judge someone for wanting the spirit of a dead gay man to enter him via the b*ssy—we’ve all been there, surely. But the phrasing is slightly strange. It’s reminding us of that time that Dustin Hoffman bragged to Laurence Olivier about not sleeping for days to prepare for his role in Marathon Man, and Olivier responding, “my dear boy, have you tried acting?”

He might not get his Oscar, but he will get the love and approval of the unhinged gay community of which I am a part.

Listen, get your rocks off wherever and however you can, Bradley. We’re rooting for you.

Perhaps Bradley is trying to tell us something…

That he’s ghost-sexual?

Either way, we love and adore to see it.

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