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Chappell Roan’s nearly been married twice, an old TikTok reveals

A year-old TikTok from Chappell Roan recently resurfaced, revealing a bunch of fun facts about the rising pop star — including a relationship history that truly screams “midwest princess.”

Roan opens the video, which she posted in July of 2023, by saying, “Some of you may know my music randomly, but do you randomly know me?” (That’s how you know the video is old: almost everyone knows Roan’s music now, and it’s not at all random.) “Let’s do some random facts about me.”

With that, Roan launched into a rundown of her likes, dislikes, and backstory, including one fact that caught all her fans off guard.

“I’ve almost been married twice, and that’s all I’m gonna say about that,” she said.

Fans fixated on Roan’s near misses with marriage, relating it to her upbringing in Missouri and, of course, her debut album’s title The Rise and Fall of a Midwest Princess.

“Babe that’s so Midwestern of you,” one commenter wrote.

“The Missouri in me sees the Missouri in you,” chimed in another.

Others took it as a chance to flirt with their celebrity crush. “Do you almost wanna be married three times? Asking for a friend,” wrote one commenter.

“Third times the charm 💍” commented another.


Makeup techinique is devolving 😀

♬ original sound – chappell roan

One of Roan’s other fun facts was her real name: Kayleigh Rose, which she used at the very beginning of her career a decade ago to upload covers on YouTube. That’s when she was noticed by fellow queer pop star Troye Sivan, who helped earn Roan her first brush with fame.

Roan also dove into the story of her career, from her original dream job to her lack of musical training.

“I did not always want to be a singer,” Roan shared. “I really thought I was gonna be an actress and that singing was my foot in the door. Thank god I’m not an actress!”

Roan also revealed that shed “did not take a professional vocal lesson until December,” referring to December of 2022 — a full two years after the release of her gay anthem “Pink Pony Club,” which already sounded fantastic. “I’ve been singing wrong for like 10 years,” she added.

Roan also dropped a few anecdotes, like getting alcohol poisoning the day before going on tour to open for Fletcher (“I couldn’t sing for a week. Lost my voice.”) and whipping her hair so hard she sprained her neck. That latter story went viral on its own in another video, as Roan set the whole harrying tale to a funky beat.

A few more fun facts: Roan’s pet peeve used to be people brushing their teeth with their mouth closed — “Now I don’t give a f*ck. Why does that literally matter at all?” she said — and her greatest fear is an alligator or shark in the water while she’s swimming.

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