Going Green

Chappell Roan’s Statue of Liberty look is giving Elphaba, Miss Piggy, and more

Chappell Roan’s latest performance is one for the history books. The “Good Luck, Babe!” singer’s set at this weekend’s Governors Ball Music Festival in New York City was jaw-dropping for a number of reasons, from a powerful takedown of the White House to the debut of a brand-new song. But one aspect of her performance caught fans’ attention and hasn’t let it go: her head-to-toe green getup inspired by the Statue of Liberty.

In Roan’s own words, she came dressed “in drag of the biggest queen of all,” with green body paint, a green wig, and a strappy green dress (with a kitschy cut-out or two, of course), all a perfect color match to the Statue of Liberty’s patina. She even started the set emerging from an apple — a Big Apple, if you will — all making for a fabulously camp homage to NYC.

Roan also got spotted later in the day watching Faye Webster, another of the festival’s featured artists. She seemed to be trying to blend in with the crowd — but when your face and body are completely green, a hoodie doesn’t cut it as a disguise. 

Her attempt at going incognito quickly became a meme of its own, with fans comparing her to other green icons from pop culture. Elphaba from Wicked was an obvious point of reference, with Roan doing a bit of free promo for the highly anticipated movie musical.

Reneé Rapp took to the stage shortly after Roan, and with Wicked comparisons already in the air, Rapp’s signature bleach blonde hair and Broadway background had fans imagining the two taking as the musical’s lead characters.

Others thought that Roan’s flair for the theatrical made her a perfect match for the one and only Miss Piggy, who’s worn a number of Chappell-esque outfits throughout her own illustrious career.

Meanwhile, Roan in a green face and a black hoodie called to mind another iconic muppet in the form of evil Kermit. She could be the devil on our shoulders any day.

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