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City Girls rapper JT gives trans girls their flowers in uplifting video

In her first solo single in over four years after performing in rap duo City Girls, rapper JT gave a lyrical shoutout to the transgender community. The brief line came as a surprise to fans, and in a recent interview, JT explained the meaning and inspiration behind her words.

JT’s latest single, “No Bars,” has the rapper chronicling her battles with online gossip. “‘No Bars’ is a freestyle I made in the studio when I was having one of those days, at the time like most of the time ppl were doubting me & questioning why I wasn’t as visual and vocal as others!” she explained in an Instagram story. “I’d read the craziest things about myself & would want to scream but instead I went to the studio & popped my shit!”

The song also includes a notable brag: “Bitches on my dick / pretty like a transgender.” In a video interview with Genius Verified, JT delved into her thought process for this lyric in particular.

“I just wanted to, out loud, give transgender women their flowers,” JT said. “They titties be sitting up. Their faces are beautiful. The makeup ideas and how hard they go for their beauty like, you know? I love it.”

Listeners loved JT right back.

The rap industry has a notorious history of hostility towards LGBTQ+ people, and City Girls themselves have not had the best track record. In 2018, old tweets surfaced from Yung Miami—the other half of City Girls—in which the rapper said she would beat her son if he was gay. After initially apologizing, Yung Miami bizarrely defended her statements.

JT similarly had problematic tweets from 2015 surface, one of which used transphobic language in mocking ​​Caitlyn Jenner. But eight years later, JT has grown, openly showing her love for the community. She’s letting her trans listeners know that she sees them and that they deserve her flowers.

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