Melton Hearts

Do Charles Melton and KJ Apa have something to tell us about these photos?

The CW soap opera “Riverdale” came to a dramatic, messy end this year, but that doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten even one second of the insanity. For a show that promised to extend and queer up the Archie extended universe, it kept us gagged for seven blissfully unhinged seasons, and ended in the polycule of our nightmares.

It also helped establish a new generation of Gen Z stars and Internet faves. Who could forget Cole Sprouse’s delightfully transmasculine moment last year when he bared all (sort of) for the cameras? What about Madelaine Petsch, who played sapphic favorite Cheryl Blossom, describing her first kiss with a girl as “salty?” And we can’t forget that “Riverdale” gave us the gift of Camilla Mendes in a series regular role. For that alone, we thank you, “Riverdale” gods.

Now, another “Riverdale” breakout star is making the news, for altogether different (but still sexy) reasons. Charles Melton, the devastatingly handsome leading man in Todd Haynes’ newest film May December, is stunning audiences with his complex portrayal of a young man who’s been groomed by an older woman. Melton’s performance is sure to gain some Oscar buzz as we get closer to awards season, but for now, we’re content to remember all the sexy, homoerotic moments that brought us here.

For example, that time KJ Apa and Melton decided to become members of Josie’s Pussycats.

We can’t ever know all the gay shenanigans that went on during the show—unless someone writes a tell all, pretty please—but what’s certain is this: Apa and Melton got very close, and from the looks of it, very horny.

If you’re new to this situation, congratulations: you’ve levelled up.

Now this isn’t the first time these two have been seen together in a sassy pose. As one commenter noted, Getty Images is chock full of pics of Melton and Apa romantically swooning over and on top of each other during the premiere for Apa’s 2020 Christian rock film I Still Believe.

Now I know what you’re wondering: has the bromance (or romance) continued into the present day? I mean, let’s hope so. This pairing calls for a spin-off!

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