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Is Doja Cat Really Quitting Music?

When the world needed Doja Cat most, she vanished.

Pop star Doja Cat has doubled down on her statement that she’s quitting the music industry following an incident with fans in Paraguay.

After Doja was unable to perform at the Asunciónico festival in Asunción, Paraguay, due to poor weather, local fans accused her of failing to interact with them after showing up at her hotel. Doja was then barraged with hateful messages on social media.

Doja responded with a string of tweets on March 24 implying she was quitting music for good. “I f**king quit. I can’t wait to f**king disappear and I don’t need you to believe in me anymore,” she wrote. “Everything is dead to me, music is dead, and I’m a f**king fool for ever thinking I was made for this this is a f**king nightmare. Unfollow me.”

“This shit ain’t for me so I’m out,” she added. “Y’all take care.”

But all hope was not lost. Doja returned to Twitter on March 26, where she posted some reflections on the situation.

“I can travel, I can eat good food, I can see new people, I can smile, I can make memories that I dreamed of having, I can laugh, I can support my family and my friends, I can learn about the world, and I can give back to everyone because of you,” she wrote. “I do owe people shit. I owe a lot.”

“I owe myself a lot too,” she continued. “I owe myself the chance to open up and be good to people. I owe myself the death of my fears that don’t allow me to expand my heart. I didn’t come to another country to do something I can do everywhere else. That would be pointless in a way.”

Fans assumed that meant Doja had changed her mind, and that she wouldn’t be retiring after all. But Doja squashed those hopes by replying to an article from Florida radio station MIX 105.1 captioned, “Ok so maybe Doja Cat isn’t retiring.” 

She kept her answer short and to the point: “​​Yes the f**k I am.”

Could this really be the end of Doja’s career? It feels like it’s barely begun. I guess “Planet Her” will just have to be on repeat for the rest of our lives.

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