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This Emmy Award-Winning Actress’ Barbie Dreams Just Came True

· Updated on March 23, 2023

Laverne Cox makes history as Mattel announces that a Barbie has been made in her likeness, making it the first transgender Barbie doll. The Emmy Award-winning actress, producer, and LGBTQ activist receives the news ahead of her 50th birthday. 

Cox’s Barbie debuts as part of the famous doll’s Tribute Collection. Adorned with long blonde tresses, the doll is dressed in a corset and matching sheer skirt colored in oxblood red, the star’s favorite color. Once both items are removed, underneath lies a silver bodysuit that the Inventing Anna actress would slay in on any red carpet. 

But the Barbie comes as a dream made reality for Cox.

​​”It’s been a dream for years to work with Barbie to create my own doll,” Cox said in a statement. “I can’t wait for fans to find my doll on shelves and have the opportunity to add a Barbie doll modeled after a transgender person to their collection.”

And while this is a dream come true, being involved with creating her own doll and soon seeing it on shelves, it is also a part of her healing process. 

“I was telling my therapist how I was really shamed by my mother when I was a kid when I wanted to play with a Barbie doll but I was denied. And I had a lot of shame and trauma about that,” Cox said for ABC News. “And my therapist said to me, ‘It is never too late to have a happy childhood.’ She said, ‘Go out and buy yourself a Barbie and play with her. There’s a little kid that lives inside of you. Give her space to play.’ And I did.”

In a beautiful turn of events, Cox revealed that her mother gifted her with a Barbie on Christmas Day and on her birthday, after telling her mother about her conversation with her therapist. 

“Barbie has been a really healing experience for me as an adult and I hope Barbie fans of all ages can find healing and inspiration in this doll,” Cox said for ABC News

In addition to the toy maker honoring the LGBTQ activist with a doll in her likeness, they’ll also be donating to TransFamilySOS. The nonprofit is dedicated to creating a more gender-affirming and accepting community. In a world where more legislation is created that negatively impacts the lives of queer and trans folks youth, this announcement becomes a bright spot in a wave of darkness.  

Not to mention, the internet is loving that Cox is receiving her flowers with this new doll. 

A beautiful announcement ahead of Pride month.

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