Fans are noticing something extraordinarily gay about Beyoncé’s Verizon ad

The Super Bowl is a thing that happened this weekend, but as most good homosexuals know, that thing is absolutely none of our business.

You know what is our business though? Beyoncé. Queen Bey took the opportunity of the Super Bowl to do an ad for Verizon that doubled as an announcement for her new drop: a country album and Renaissance sequel titled Act II.

But the gays found something even more exciting—arguably—than a new music drop.

Now for those of you who a) didn’t watch Glee or b) aren’t gay enough to recognize Season 1 Glee Club member Matt Rutherford, played by actor, producer, and director Dijon Talton, there are a few reasons why spotting him in Beyoncé’s Verizon ad is exciting.

Basically, in the era of Glee—a dark, horrible era for gay representation evidenced by the fact that we were all willing to watch Glee to find it—we were so obsessed with Will Schuster’s rag tag group of football players, lesbian cheerleaders, and assorted nerds that not a single detail went unnoticed. Even though Talton’s role didn’t include any lines, and he didn’t get to stick around long enough to become one of the main characters (a shame and a disgrace on the writers’ parts, quite frankly) he made a big impression on viewers. During a time when the only gay characters you’d see in mainstream TV were generally white twinks, we couldn’t get enough of Matt Rutherford.

Talton’s absence in later seasons was even written into the show as a joke…

Now, Dijon Talton has absolutely leveled up. Appearing in the Beyoncé extended universe is a hell of a lot cooler than being a part of the Ryan Murphy extended hellscape. Talton, who often produces projects with his cousin, the talented Meagan Good, and has his own production company, has been busy working on the Allblk Breanna O’Conner show “A La Carte” for the past few years. Talton showing up in Beyoncé’s ad-cum-new music drop is certainly no mistake.

The poster who first noticed Dijon Talton’s cameo has been following his career closely, even hiring Talton to wish their friend a happy birthday on Cameo.

An proud out gay man, Talton sadly lost his partner in 2022.

He’s continuing to do great things behind and in front of the camera, and we’re thrilled to see that’s part of Beyoncé’s ever-unfolding world of music, media, and magic.

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