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Hayley Williams reminded us she’s straight in the gayest way possible

No one would blame you for assuming Hayley Williams was queer. She’s the front woman of Paramore, one of the world’s biggest pop rock bands; she’s had no shortage of iconic haircuts and colors that scream sapphic; and her personal style often skews on the masculine side. Still, she’s not a part of the LGBTQ+ community — and she just reminded us in song to close out Pride Month.

In a recent performance as the opener for Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour, Williams wished the crowd a happy Pride to the tune of “Happy Birthday.”

“Happy Pride to you!” she sang. “I love all my gays. I wish I was one of you!” Because let’s be real: jealousy is the sincerest form of allyship.

Williams is, of course, straight. In fact, she’s dating fellow Paramore bandmate Taylor York (who’s on stage with her in the background of that clip). That didn’t stop lots of folks from being surprised to learn her sexuality through her Pride performance, and others from lamenting the sapphic icon she seemed almost destined to be.

It’s far from Williams’ first time acknowledging her proximity to queerness. Last summer, she ranked the relative gayness of all her many hairdos over the years in a red carpet interview, and even she couldn’t believe just how sapphic her style is.

“Do I have any moments where I don’t look like I’m queerbaiting people?” she joked to Them. “I am tragically a straight woman. How am I making these choices?”

Raise your hand if you’ve ever been queerbaited by Hayley Williams 🙋🏽‍♀️ In honor of Pride Month, a percentage of Good Dye Young’s sales will be donated to the Tennessee Equality Project (@tnequality), an organization that advocates for the equal rights of LGBTQ people in Tennessee @Good Dye Young @Ulta Beauty @Yelyahwilliamso #queertiktok #hayleywilliams #paramore #gooddyeyoung #queerhairstyles

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Whyever she’s making such gay choices, we hope Williams never stops. Even if she’s not gay herself, she’s still a gay icon and first-class ally.

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