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Here’s why Lil Nas X’s fans make him feel ‘very insecure’

Lil Nas X might come off confident, but that doesn’t mean he’s immune to insecurity — a fact he shared with his fans after his latest look got a mixed reaction.

Over the weekend, the “Industry Baby” rapper shared a clip of him performing an unreleased song called “HOT BOX,” which is an undeniable bop. In the video, Lil Nas X is rocking a long black wig, a beat face of makeup, and a skimpy glittering chainmail top while dancing in front of a metallic backdrop.

“YALLL.. I had aluminum foil, tape, a 30 inch wig, and a dream,” he wrote alongside the video on X. “I present to u….HOT BOX!!!!”

The song, produced by Daft Punk, has an earworm of a chorus and an already endlessly quotable rap. Fans are excited not only because the song is so addictive, but because it means Lil Nas X’s next album Nasarati 2 is getting closer and closer to release.

Some folks, though, took the opportunity to critique Lil Nas X’s gender presentation.

“This actually sounds good, but he looks uncomfortable whenever he tries to tap in with his femininity,” wrote one user, and Lil Nas X himself quickly replied to explain why.

“Because it’s honestly still uncomfortable,” he wrote. “Y’all make me very insecure about my femininity and I have to push myself to continue to lean into it.”

Another hater wrote that Lil Nas X is “not even fem,” and he should “stop forcing this sh*t and be who u are they’ll support u more.” 

Again, Lil Nas X was quick with a clapback: “Y’all never stop tryna tell me who I am,” he replied. “If I feel like a bad b*tch on Wednesday and trade on Thursday, that’s MY f*ckin buisnessss!”

Still, for every critic of Lil Nas X’s feminine side, there were far more fans celebrating his versatility. Whether he’s embracing his masculinity, femininity, or androgyny, Lil Nas X is always authentically himself — and that’s what makes him a superstar.

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