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Honey Dijon’s Etsy Collab Is Queer Chic Perfection

Honey Dijon is a woman of many talents — DJing, activism, generally being fabulous. Now, the transgender icon is entering the world of accessories and home decor through her new collaboration with Etsy.

Dijon teamed up with 10 Etsy sellers to create 20 signature items for the collection, which was inspired by the idea of self-expression and individuality.

“I hope people are able to express their own personalities through these objects,” Dijon said in a blog post. “I really wanted my creativity and the quality of the artisans’ work to come through, and I hope that resonates with people.”

Another inspiration for the collection is Dijon’s love of art gallery gift shops.

“I love galleries, I love art, and one of my favorite places is the gift shop at the end of an exhibition or museum,” she said. “I love the sense of discovery and joy that comes with finding something new and making it yours.”

That’s what she wants customers to experience: finding a piece from the collection to make their own. And with such a wide range of products, that shouldn’t be a problem. This collab has everything: statement jewelry, funky ceramics, sheer argyle socks, you name it.

“My vision is always chic, refined, vibrant, colorful, joyful,” Dijon said of the collection in a video posted by Etsy. “Anything that I do has to have an element of joy.”

Every piece in the collection is stunning (and I wish I had the budget to buy the whole thing), but a few of the pieces hold particular significance to Dijon. For example, the “Love Thy Afro” incense holder speaks to Dijon’s own journey with self-love, being “someone who grew up only seeing straight hair represented and thinking my hair was somehow inferior.”

“​​This piece is a celebration of my heritage and culture, something that is beautiful and should be cherished,” she explained. “It’s about finding value in yourself and not having someone else give you that value.”

Another piece that speaks to Dijon’s identity is a pair of oversized earrings engraved with the words “Black Trans Lives Matter.”

“As a trans woman of color, I think we need to start owning our narrative and celebrating ourselves and our creativity,” she said. “All of my work is based on the experiences, the narratives, and the history of queer people of color, and it’s very important to keep that conversation alive.”

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