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Jacob Elordi plays a young Richard Gere in this upcoming flick and we’re already sweating

· Updated on January 22, 2024

It seems like everywhere you look these days Jacob Elordi is in the news—and for good reason. The man stays booked, busy, and fine as hell. First we got a taste of his talent in Euphoria, last year we got a heavy dose of Elordi thanks to double whammy of Saltburn and Priscilla, and next year we can expect him to star in none other than a Paul Schrader movie.

That’s right: the Master Gardener director is adapting a Russell Banks novel about a man who flees to Canada to avoid being drafted to serve in Vietnam. The cast is the stuff of legend, with Uma Thurman and Michael Imperioli signed on to co-star. Richard Gere will play the character in his later years, while the young version will be embodied by none other than Jacob Elordi. With a moustache. Jacob Elordi, sporting illegal layers of swag (moustache + period attire.)

I guess we’ll be in for a wait re: Euphoria S3.

He’s singlehandedly resurrecting the Destination Canada campaign…his power…

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