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Jason Momoa’s Butt is Turning Everyone Into a Fishing Enthusiast

· Updated on March 23, 2023

Sports and outdoor activities: we hate them! Obviously I can’t speak for the entire gay community here—I can only speak for myself when I say that I hate spending time moving my body and being outdoors.

But you know who doesn’t? Aquaman actor Jason Momoa, who showed off the amazing results of a series of “brutal” leg days on a recent fishing trip. Wearing a traditional malo, the man showed off his cheeks for all to see on Instagram.


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And wouldn’t you know it, suddenly me, you, and everyone we know is finding that fishing is our new favorite hobby.

Sunday Funday indeed…

We love fishing and it’s definitely not a new thing…we’ve always loved fishing we promise.

Oh lucky fish to be caught by such a man…


My new identity? Fish twink.

Don’t ever let them tell you God isn’t good.

Those cheeks can shift the mighty tide!

Pass the popcorn and the lube:

We’re all fishermen now.

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