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Let Us Now Praise Bretman Rock’s Deadlifting Video

No matter the assignment, digital icon Bretman Rock (he/she/they) is always giving. Once a beauty vlogger, now a certified Internet phenom, the star has little to no trouble with gaining views and going viral. In his latest viral feat, the revered MUA hit the gym and joined the “405 club” with a deadlift of over 400 pounds. 

Rock shared his casual flex with an Instagram reel, captioning the post, “Sometimes you just gotta put on a skirt and lift heavy stuff off the ground.” The video – having racked up over 1.5 million likes, features Bretman Rock in a flowy skirt and muscle tank as they forces their legs down and the loaded steel bar up. With 405 lbs securely hoisted up into position, Rock’s entire demeanor switches from stone-cold serious to silly; after nonchalantly dropping the weight, she smirks and sashays away. 

Bretman Rock’s massive deadlift is certainly impressive in terms of physical strength; what’s even more impressive is the way she created space for herself and others to be their genuine queer selves in the gym. As an environment dominated by cishet men, the gym can be an intimidating place for some visibly queer folks. When Rock reps heavy weights in a delightfully queer fit, they’re making it clear that fitness is for anyone who wants it, regardless of gender or sexuality.  

As made evident by his athlete’s physique, the viral deadlift video isn’t Rock’s first attempt to dismantle fitness stereotypes. Back in 2021, the internet’s favorite MUA. was designated to be an ambassador for Nike’s “Be True” Pride campaign. Backed up by Nike’s massive platform, Bretman Rock announced the partnership with an Instagram post that read, “Strength has no gender.” Showcasing Rock in a Nike Pro sports bra, the “Be True” campaign shot expresses his belief that clothes and fitness shouldn’t be dictated by gender. Working out and being in clothes that make you feel confident and comfortable go hand in hand. 

For the 2021 “Be True” campaign video, Rock was in good company with esteemed queer athletes Gia Parr and Shiho Shimoyamamda. Amidst the discussion of their “coming out” experiences, Rock explains, “I never had to come out to my family. I’ve always carried myself like this.” Rock’s voice rings out above clips of them doing mountain climbers and crunches. “I feel like I am a walking statement. Like I will lift with a full face of makeup because I don’t think there are any rules when it comes to fitness.” 

Whether she is applying a highlighter in a makeup tutorial or lifting like a jock—or both at the same time—Bretman Rock stays doing the most and doing it well. 

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