Lil Nas X’s Gay Kiss at the BET Awards is Already Iconic

Lil Nas X has the homophobes shook once again. The “Montero (Call Me By Your Name)” singer ended his BET Awards performance by making out with a male backup dancer, and he’s not making any apologies.

The number was sexy from start to finish, with a plethora of shirtless dancers surrounding the nearly naked Lil Nas X. There were a few near-makeout seshes throughout, but only at the very end of the song did the singer finally lock lips with one of his dancers.

Lil Nas X makes out with his backup dancer.
Lil Nas X makes out with his backup dancer. Via YouTube.

As a tribute to Michael Jackson’s “Remember The Time,” the number also had an Egyptian theme, with Lil Nas X taking on the role of pharaoh. This led to a bit of backlash on Twitter, which he was quick to shut down. 


“y’all really like to pretend homosexuality didn’t exist in african culture,” he replied.

Though plenty of people weren’t happy with Lil Nas X’s performance, many others applauded his talent and nerve, as well as the queer representation he was bringing to such a large audience.

“Lil Nas X did that!! Be fearless!!!” tweeted Sean “Diddy” Combs.

Others pointed out homophobic viewers’ hypocrisy, considering this definitely wasn’t the first time there’d been a kiss on the BET stage.

“I’ve been forced to watch Madonna kiss Britney… Beyonce give lap dances to her man and all kinds of other ‘straight accepted’ behaviors on Tv since I was a child,” tweeted Internet icon TS Madison. “Turn the tables.”

This wasn’t even the first time Lil Nas X made waves that night — his fabulously avant garde red carpet gown is definitely going down in the annals of fashion history. 

Lil Nas X in a gown on the red carpet.
Lil Nas X turned heads in this look from designer Andrea Grossi. Via Getty Images.

How will Lil Nas X disrupt heteronormativity next? Who knows, but we’ll be watching eagerly to find out.

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