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Megan Rapinoe Speaks Out Against Anti-Trans Gatekeeping in Sports and Medicine

Just in case you weren’t head over heels in love with out-lesbian and soccer pro Megan Rapinoe, today’s news will certainly push you over the edge into pure infatuation. 

In the wake of Title IX’s 50th birthday, Rapinoe sat down with TIME magazine to do some serious ally sh*t. In the interview, she discussed her open, enthusiastic support of trans inclusion in sports and struck down the transphobic notion that trans kids need to be “protected” from transitioning too early. 

“I’m 100% supportive of trans inclusion,” Rapinoe told interviewer Sean Gregory. “People do not know very much about it. We’re missing almost everything. Frankly, I think what a lot of people know is versions of the right’s talking points because they’re very loud.”

She went on:

“We’re talking about kids. We’re talking about people’s lives. We’re talking about the entire state government coming down on one child in some states, three children in some states,” Rapinoe said. “They are committing suicide, because they are being told that they’re gross and different and evil and sinful and they can’t play sports with their friends that they grew up with. Not to mention trying to take away health care. I think it’s monstrous.”

Basically, she shut down the absurd notion of trans rights being a “debate.” It can’t be a debate when lives are at stake.

“I would also encourage everyone out there who is afraid someone’s going to have an unfair advantage over their kid to really take a step back and think what are we actually talking about here,” Rapinoe said, explaining the true toll that anti-trans sports bills take on trans girls. “We’re talking about people’s lives. I’m sorry, your kid’s high school volleyball team just isn’t that important. It’s not more important than any one kid’s life.”

Needless to say, we’re all obsessed, and if we didn’t stan before, we sure as hell do now. 

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