Move over, gaylors: there’s a new queer Taylor Swift theory in town and it’s utterly wild

We all know about Gaylors: the contingent of the Taylor Swift fan community that believes Miss Swift is a closeted lesbian with romantic ties to women like Dianna Agron and Karlie Kloss. And while the theory does carry some weight (if you’re willing to suspend all belief concerning someone who is maybe the straightest artist in history) just wait until you get a load of the new unhinged Taylor Swift theory floating around…

Last week, someone posted a new theory about Swift being a closeted nonbinary person, despite constantly referring to herself as she/her and “a woman” in almost every song in her discography. But listen, go off.

Now people were quick to chime in, pointing out that Taylor has never done or said anything to imply that she doesn’t identify as a cis woman. The post got so much attention that X had to put an explanatory note at the bottom.

Still, the post caught on like wildfire, because the Internet loves a Gaylor, Theylor, or She/Theylor conspiracy theory.

Get with the program: it’s 2023 and every celebrity is nonbinary until proven cis!

Now everyone is chiming in with their own unhinged headcanons:

And one for Mahler!

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