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New snaps of Taylor Swift and Sophie Turner have the gaylor hive gagging

Joe Jonas may have thought he was doing something by allegedly leaking rumors about his recent split from “Game of Thrones” star Sophie Turner—but after last night, he might just have to think twice.

The Jonas Brother long believed to be the inspiration behind Taylor Swift’s brutal 2008 single “Mr. Perfectly Fine” has seemingly tried to spin himself as the victim of his impending divorce by implying that Turner was a “party girl” who couldn’t get down with Jonas’s stay at home lifestyle. The evidence, however, is to the contrary. Exhibit A? Taylor Swift.

After paparazzi snapped photos of Swift and Turner leaving a club arm-in-arm, the rumor mill started a’swirling.

The mid-calf length denim jacket, the sparkly going-out top, the casual parachute pants—ladies, if this isn’t an iconic Sapphic fashion moment, I don’t know what is.

Mr. Perfectly Fine is about to be perfectly wrecked.

What kind of earth-shaking, Oppenheimer-level tea was spilled that fateful night? We’ll never know. Who am I kidding, we’ll absolutely know, because there will be a concept album about this incredible meeting of the minds. Get ready for Sophie Turner, featured recording artist.

We’re not ready for the revelations that are almost certainly about to hit.

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