This Old Rihanna Clip About Pronouns is Endearingly Hilarious

An old clip of Rihanna talking her way around gender inclusivity has gone viral online. But before the Navy gets up in arms—no one’s getting canceled. In fact, the clip is part cringe, part endearing, but it’s all entertaining.

The short video comes from the Fenty Show Vol. 2 fashion show in 2020. While speaking to a reporter, Rihanna attempts to explain how Fenty’s underwear is made to be inclusive, but it’s the exact phrasing that has most of us rolling on the floor.

“I designed some boxer briefs that both men and women, and nonbinary people of all, um… gender… appropriations… and the pronouns… everyone is included,” she told the interviewer.

Clumsy and awkward as it is, the point definitely comes across. And it’s not just talk (which is fortunate, since that’s the talk we’re working with). Rihanna does make an effort to include LGBTQ+ models in her shows.

For a lot of viewers, the clip made her more relatable as she struggles to simply say that her underwear is made for everyone while attempting to use both specific and non-specific language.

But you’ve got to give it up for everyone’s new favorite phrase: “the pronouns.”


We must also give “gender appropriation” an honorable mention.

As a business mogul, Rihanna knows what she’s doing.

And at the end of the day, you’ve gotta love her for trying.

With her most recent Savage x Fenty show drawing controversy over the inclusion of Johnny Depp, Rihanna has recently returned to music after a six year hiatus. The timing is perfect, as it is a great reminder of what we loved her for in the first place: the bops, not the public speaking.

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