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This Rediscovered Photo of Paul Newman in the Navy is Just Too Thirsty

· Updated on March 23, 2023

We all know that World War II was an extremely horny time for young men looking to cruise…and fight Hitler. But I don’t think we could fully appreciate just how horny things truly were before feasting our eyes on a tiny baby Paul Newman in 1942, courtesy of this magnificent tweet.

Now if you were unaware, before he became the legendary actor and pantry item mogul that we know him as today, Paul Newman served for a time in the Navy, where he doubtless made many a young sailor extremely, uncomfortably horny by his mere presence. In the words of one commenter, “my throat would know no peace.”

The Billy Budd vibes, as another commenter wrote, are strong.

I mean…

Twist my arm!

Screw the YMCA, get me on a ship, stat:

Is this the face that launched a thousand horny fanfics? Yes.

Never forget.

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