Remember when Léa Seydoux referred to herself as a gay man?

French actor, model, and Bond babe Léa Seydoux has always been a fascinating screen presence. But after an old interview resurfaced online, we’re learning there are even more hidden depths to the Dune 2 star.

Way back in 2020, in an interview with The Sunday Times, Seydoux made some quite interesting points about why she doesn’t feel the term “actress” accurately applies.

“I never say to myself, ‘Oh! I’m a woman!’” Seydoux told the Times. “I know I’m a woman, but I also feel like a man.”

Now if that’s not an entirely relatable gender feeling, I don’t know what is. She went on to tell reporters: “I always identified with actors, never actresses. I wanted to do cinema because I watched actors – I saw Marlon Brando and I wanted to be like him.”

Again, what could be more relatable than seeing Marlon Brando and wanting to be exactly like him? Tell me you’re transmasc without telling me you’re transmasc!

But the cherry on top of this truly delightful interview was when Seydoux explained that her desire for men doesn’t feel straight. Instead, she sees herself as enjoying men in the way that a gay man would.

“I often feel like I’m a gay man, to be honest. I like men a bit like a gay man does.”

This is why we stan. This is why we show up. This is why we’re obsessed. She’s really strumming our pain with her fingers on this one.

While Seydoux—who famously gave butch realness in the controversial sapphic film Blue is the Warmest Color in 2013—hasn’t clarified her gender or pronouns, every trans person on the Internet can recognize something of their egg selves in Seydoux’s charming statements.

It’s also just a thrilling breath of fresh air when celebrities talk about their random gender stuff. Straight (ostensibly) cis people have gender thoughts, too!


She was SO real for this.

Cannot wait for the they/she to he/they pronoun reveal pipeline!

There’s nothing wrong with culturally appropriating gay sex…as long as you’re going to transition at some point.

Léa, we salute you!

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