Be Hard

Republican candidate tells voters not to be “weak and gay” but there’s just one problem…

Yesterday, voters were given a stirring message from Missouri GOP hopeful Valentina Gomez in the form of a now-viral ad spot. Filmed on what appears to be Gomez’s morning run, she tells prospective voters that in America, you can be whatever you want. So “don’t be weak and gay. Stay f*cking hard.”

The video cuts to a still image of Gomez in front of a truck holding a machine gun with the American flag in the left foreground. As if that weren’t enough, a sped-up version of Modest Mouse’s “Float On” aggressively plays in the background.

Bold? That it is. Hilarious? Perhaps unintentionally, but yes. Iconic? Well, let’s hear what the weak, limp-wristed gays have to say…

Basically, we’re in stitches.

Honestly…she gets it.

Why be weak and gay when you can flamboyant and homosexual!

It’s already a meme, and we’re loving it.

Though to be honest, we have more than a few questions about Gomez’s video…namely, what’s going on with the fashion?

Others took the opportunity to point out that you have to be pretty hard to face the amount of crap queer folks put up with every day.

Some commenters are even wondering if Gomez is…one of us…

What a time to be alive.

But then again, maybe we got it all wrong. Is she telling us to be hard and gay? Because that we can do.

This election year, be hard in the sheets and weak in the streets…unless you’re going to the polls.

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