Robert Downey Jr. and Cillian Murphy got real cozy in Palm Springs last night

What happens on the red carpet stays on the red carpet. Except wait…not a word of that is true. What happens on the red carpet famously makes for great gossip the next day, especially if the red carpet snaps in question feature adorable couplings of leading men.

Which is precisely what happened last night at the Palm Springs Film Festival, when Oppenheimer costars Robert Downey Jr. and Cillian Murphy pranced—yes, pranced—down the runway looking like two little maids from school.

Apparently, these two aren’t just costars. They are certified buddies, and Robert Downey Jr. wants us to know just how cool of a guy Cillian Murphy is. He wants to communicate this my holding his hand intimately and giving the camera a saucy wink and a nod.

The photos are really selling it: Cillian’s ecstatic, open-mouthed smile, Downey Jr.’s knowing, tight-lipped grin. They look like they’re keeping an adorable—and perhaps even sexy?—secret.

As many have commented, it’s giving princess, it’s giving babygirl, it’s giving marriage proposal.

While everyone is still gagging over Saltburn, these two are single-handedly bringing back bromance.

The rest of us can only envy their bond…

But love wins in the end, especially in the gay mecca that is Palm Springs.

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