That's That Me Espresso

Sabrina Carpenter’s new comment on Gypsy Rose Blanchard’s post is so wrong it’s right

Sabrina Carpenter is reaching new heights in her music career. Her latest single Espresso peaked at number one on Spotify’s global charts, is a trending sound on TikTok, and is an undeniable earworm. (The way she sings, “I’m working late, ‘cause I’m a singerrrrr” in the second verse? Grammy-worthy.)

Now, another up-and-coming superstar is getting in on the Espresso action: Gypsy Rose Blanchard, fresh off her prison sentence for second-degree murder.

Blanchard posted a TikTok lip syncing to the song, showing off her dyed-blonde hair and a hot pink dress. “YES BARBIE GIRL,” reads a comment from influencer Tana Mongeau. “Looking super fab girl!” reads another.

Among the adoring fans in the comments was Carpenter herself, who left an encouraging message for Blanchard: “you served ♥️.”

Blanchard liked the comment and replied with a series of heart emojis, but she may not have picked up on the double entendre of Carpenter’s word choice: Yes, Blanchard served “me espresso” in the video, but she also infamously served an eight-year prison sentence.

Fans quickly pointed out the darkly funny comment. Leave it to Carpenter to find any opportunity for wordplay. After all, she’s known for her clever lyrics, and in Espresso, she references her own “twisted humor.” 

Some fans even suggested that Carpenter incorporate the line into a future song. “That’s a bar I fear,” one wrote, to which another quipped back, “Prison bars?”

Carpenter may not have realized the reference she was making, as she’s since deleted the comment. She did, however, repost the video on TikTok, so she’s still in full support of Blanchard’s espresso era. Maybe she can get a verse on the remix?

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