That time Alaska caught shade from Lea Michele

At this year’s 75th Primetime Emmy Awards, the drag queens were here to troll. And according to Drag Race alum Alaska, that’s exactly what award shows—and the rude celebrities who attend them—need.

In case you missed it, Princess Poppy went full goblin mode as she joined her RPDR season 15 co-stars on the red carpet. The internet had plenty to say about her goblin prosthetic and matching green skin. Alaska and William shared their thoughts on a recent episode of the podcast Race Chaser.

“This is a stunt,” said William. “My favorite thing was watching Claire Danes in this little pink Zac Posen shift gown get photobombed by a goblin.”

“I just love this Princess Poppy stunt,” Alaska said. “First of all, I’ve been to a few mainstream award shows in drag. I went to the Grammys one year, because Katya and I were invited.

“Celebrities are mortified of drag queens because we represent the sort of facade. We pull the curtain back of the facade of what Hollywood is. We make fun of it.”

Alaska and Katya’s reception was less than warm, with particular shade from Glee’s queen of mean. “People wouldn’t look us in the eye,” Alaska said. “Like, Lea Michele looked through us [and] wouldn’t even acknowledge that we exist. Kris Jenner was there just looking so mad at her life that it had come to this. She was hosting the E! red carpet and just looked so miserable.

“But celebrities, at least back then, were mortified of drag. So Princess Poppy doing this is a great statement. She’s the sum of all fears.”

As for why Princess Poppy dressed as a goblin for the Emmys, she explained to the LA Times that she once felt an “insurmountable amount of pressure to look gorgeous and beautiful” until she realized, “Oh wait, I can do the opposite.”

Essentially, that’s what Princess Poppy wanted to express through her goblin lewk. “I wanted to take everything that is rude and ugly about the usual decorum of awards and do the complete opposite,” she said.

“I wanted to be a troll, to literally and figuratively troll the Emmys. The whole purpose of doing this is a way to showcase that the rules of fashion, and rules of beauty and bullsh*t, I think it’s more beautiful to show up like this than to show up how you normally would at an awards show.”

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