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The “Broom Broom” Vine Star Came Out as Trans and People are Just Finding Out

Remember Vine? Of course you do. It was like TikTok, but shorter and louder. And now, a treasured alumnus of Vine’s class of 2014 is officially trans. As of 2021.

Honestly…it’s giving bashert.

For those who may not recall 2014—a time that somehow feels further removed from the present than 1932—it was just one year after Vine, the short-lived, pre-TikTok content hub where certain young creators got their viral start, had been ushered into the universe. In 2014, Lupita Nyong’o won Best Supporting Actress for her film debut. Taylor Swift had just released 1989, and “Orange is the New Black” was in its second-ever season. Basically, it was Eden compared to whatever the hell is going on now.

But most importantly, it was the year Vine star Tristan Simmonds created the “I’m in me mum’s car, broom broom” meme. It swept the nation: it conquered hearts and minds. It got a Charli XCX remix.

And now, Tristan has come out as transmasc. Yes, this happened in 2021, but for some reason people are just learning about it now. And yes, Tristan does have a Cameo account.

Everyone trans is excited about this development: but most importantly, Tristan himself is very happy.

And for those wondering, yes, there is a direct correlation between using Vine and being trans.

Keep on broomin’, friends.

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