The gays are obsessed with this conspiracy theory about Omar Apollo’s new album

Omar Apollo has announced the title and release date of his sophomore album along with a new single. Like Apollo’s past ventures, this album promises more than a few special treats for the gays, but we’re especially looking forward to the track apparently featuring Internet boyfriend Pedro Pascal.

“This album is a reflection of my life for the past 2 years, and I’m happy to finally present it to you,” Apollo wrote on Instagram. Along with the tracklist and title, God Said No, he also announced the Thursday drop of his single “Dispose Of Me.”

In a Spotify message to fans, Apollo clarified that despite the title, “the album is not so much biblical or religious by any means.”

God Said No is about listening to yourself, not the people around you or any other signs,” he continued. “There’s something I had to learn about myself before I accepted my own intuition.”

While the announcement of a new album is exciting enough, eagle-eyed fans couldn’t help but focus on track 13, titled “Pedro.” Given that Apollo and Pascal are known friends, internet sleuths (that is, the gays) considered the song title an open-and-shut case.

Although Rolling Stone reported that Pascal would be featured on the album with apparent certainty, the article describes “Pedro” as “the track seemingly featuring the Last of Us actor.” Did Apollo actually confirm to the outlet that Pascal will be featured somewhere on the album, and they’re guessing it’s track 13? We’ll have to wait and see.

But there’s good reason to suspect as much. The two were spotted hanging out together in New York last fall, possibly around the time Apollo was recording the album.

Apollo has said that the album as a whole is about processing the end of a relationship. “I gave it my everything,” he said. “And God said ‘no.’ [The title is] also a play on the Spanish phrase ‘Lo que será, será,’ which roughly translates to ‘What will be, will be.’”
God Said No drops June 28 and the single “Dispose Of Me” is out now.

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