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The Thirst for Daniel Dae Kim is Real After “The Good Doctor” Clip Whips the Internet Into a Frenzy

Ok, show of hands: who here watches the show “The Good Doctor?”

Oh…no one? Ok. I mean, that’s what I thought, because why would you watch another show that reduces people on the spectrum to child medical prodigies who are constantly having screaming tantrums in the workplace? I don’t know. The fact is that I saw this show was going to be a show years ago and mentally made a note to mute all mentions—online and IRL—to “The Good Doctor” and any resultant spinoffs.

Now that said, I have been informed this morning (by Twitter) of the presence of a hot man on this show, which really puts a wrench in my plans. A meme from a 4-year-old “Good Doctor” episode has been making the rounds, and it all has to do with one man’s ability to sit completely stonefaced in the presence of Freddie Highmore’s aggressive overacting. And that man is Daniel Dae Kim.

The “Lost” and “Saint’s Row” actor has been playing delicious villain roles for years, but his turn in “The Good Doctor” is getting him some much-deserved attention online. As one of the producers of “The Good Doctor,” Kim brings quite a lot to the show. He doesn’t just play the show’s ostensible villain, Dr. Han—if standing in the way of Freddie Highmore performing surgeries actually counts as villainy—he’s also, as some users have rightly pointed out, serving better autistic representation than Freddie Highmore’s canon-autistic character.

From the TikTok “I am a surgeon/I am a sturgeon” meme came the now-infamous Dr. Han reaction shot, which is calling back fond memories of the early days of memes (Willy Wonka’s sh*t-eating smile comes to mind.) It’s becoming as iconic as Tyler, the Creator’s “I’m not finished” clip. There’s something about the image that just perfectly encapsulates a mood. Daniel Dae Kim’s totally deadpan reaction to Freddie Highmore is the energy I’m personally bringing to the club, to the dentist, to the bar mitzvah, and to my next therapy session.

Because let’s face it, she is the moment.

There’s also the fact that Han is remarkably hot. Like, stunningly, amazingly sexy. Would you be able to retain your solid form in the face of this look? Personally, I would melt into an Alex Mac puddle in five seconds.

Daniel Dae Kim fans are glad the world is showing this man the respect–and the thirst—he deserves.

Now fans—not of “The Good Doctor,” because again, I’m not certain anyone actually watches this show—are calling for Kim to come back to the fold.

What if “The Good Doctor” was just a platform for a Daniel Dae Kim appreciation meme?

It’s all coming together now.

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