These vintage modeling shots of Tom Hardy are scandalously sexy

We can’t be shy about our love of Tom Hardy—actor, Englishman, and proud haver of gay sex. Back in the dark ages, before the term “queerbaiting” was around and when talking about dating men was enough to kill your career stone dead, Hardy has been an open and unapologetic about his days of “experimenting” with queer sexuality. And even though Hardy has said he’s no longer interested in men, we still have a soft spot for a guy who wasn’t shy about his bisexuality way back in the days when it still felt like a taboo subject.

Hardy, at 46, has been in the industry for quite some time, and he wasn’t always known for his acting chops. When Hardy was just starting out, he tried his hand at modeling. At just 20 years old, Hardy won a modeling contest and scored a contract for his sultry looks before taking on his first acting role as a soldier in the 2001 World War II miniseries “Band of Brothers.”

But recently unearthed photos of his modeling days are making us feel like maybe he could have had a real career on the runway.

Before Hardy started hulking up for roles, he was…a twink, apparently? I mean, good to know!

Now everybody’s gagging thinking about just how fine this man has always been.

His face card never declines.

The hair flip, the insouciant stare…it’s iconic.

At 20, Hardy seems like he’d already seen some sh*t.

Even though we may have missed out on a Tom Hardy Victoria’s Secret Angel arc, we’re glad he’s grown into the magnificent (and beefy) actor that he is today.

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