Leave Sam Alone

This picture of Sam Smith in a speedo has the gays worked up, but there’s a catch

The gays can’t seem to make up their minds on Sam Smith. Earlier this year, the internet dragged the singer for a questionable outfit at Paris Fashion Week. But now, folks have changed their tune to a thirsty one, thanks to new pics of Smith rocking a speedo at the beach.

The photos come courtesy of a beach day Smith took in Miami, where they wore a red Versace swimsuit that left little to the imagination.

It quickly prompted a wave of thirst from gays across the internet. “I been screaming from the rooftops about Sam Smith,” reads one viral post on X. “Are y’all ready to walk with me?” And people were, indeed, ready to walk.

But others pointed out a troubling trend. When Smith is presenting more masculine — with visible body hair, no makeup, and in a classic gay look like a speedo — they’re showered with praise, but when they’re showing their feminine side — as they often do in their performance looks — they’re often met with ridicule.

“Y’all hate them then decide to love them every 6 months, usually based on if they’re presenting fem or masc,” one user wrote. “Make up your minds this is corny now.”

Other users pointed out plus-size bodies like Smith’s are often only deemed attractive when they come with masculinity.

That’s not to say that everyone has to be attracted to Smith: there’s nothing wrong with having a type. But when someone uses their lack of attraction as an excuse to send hate, it crosses a line.

Besides, for Smith, wearing a speedo at the beach or wearing a corset on stage isn’t meant to be a grand statement on gender identity. They’re just another person, wearing the clothes that they want to wear — and they’re not doing it to please random people on the internet.

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