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This Sapphic Theory About the Spice Girls’ Breakup Will Blow Your Mind

The Spice Girls were an iconic girl group, so it’s no surprise that even now, nearly 25 years after the band’s first album “Spice World” was released, we’re still learning new things about everything that went on behind the scenes.

And some of it is way more sapphic than you’d expect.

For instance: a recent TikTok dives deep into the history of the group’s last recorded song before breaking up, “Viva Forever.”

The lyrics detail a secret love affair, and many believe that the song is about the alleged relationship between Geri Horner (Ginger Spice) and Mel B (Scary Spice.) Now look, obviously anyone can make a montage of two people holding hands, and if we’re learned anything from the Karlie Kloss/Taylor Swift “Cruel Summer” rumors, it’s that you can kind of read anything into celebrity friendships.

That said, Geri did explain in her memoir and to the press that the reason she left the band didn’t have to do with bitterness or boredom, but a “breakup.” And honestly, a lot of the pictures of Geri and Mel B getting close feel pretty romantic. It’s not that far-fetched to believe that these women were forced to stop dating by controlling managers or fearful record labels. We already know that Mel B is bisexual, and in 2019 she essentially admitted that the two hooked up while on tour. But how far did the relationship go, and is “Viva Forever” about what we think it’s about?

For that info, you’ll need to watch part 2.

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