God is Trans

Tituss Burgess Knows That God is Trans

Tituss Burgess has been a force to be reckoned with for quite some time now. Whether you fell in love with his performances on Broadway, as a host on “Drag Race All Stars,” or as Titus Andromedon on “The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt,” you know that he is, quite simply, a gift to the universe.

In this week’s episode of “WTF,” comedian, podcaster, and 100% certified zaddy Marc Maron got some time in the studio with Burgess, where the conversation came quite quickly around to God and spirituality.

Burgess, now starring in Season 2 of the life-saving Cinco Paul show “Schmigadoon,” grew up on a farm in rural Georgia, where religion and spirituality were a strong part of his life from his earliest years. When Maron asks Burgess whether queer acceptance within the church was ever a problem, Burgess explains that it wasn’t a problem for him: “it was other folks that had the problem.”

It’s already great to hear a queer person talk about being able to keep faith without other peoples’ intolerant bullsh*t making it impossible. But then Burgess takes it one step further. Speaking to the “WTF” host about the concept of God, Burgess corrects Maron when he refers to God as “he”.

They,” Burgess says. “God is trans.”

That’s the exact moment when Mariah Carey’s “Hero” started playing my head.

Maron fully agrees with Burgess, noting that God is “at the very least” trans.

“At the very least!” Burgess agrees. “To call them a ‘he’ is so boring. I get it, but we have to give it its moment and not drive past it. It’s important. It’s something that I had to readjust myself to. I still say ‘he,’ but when I do I go…’why would you make God so small?…God is only as expansive in our lives as we avail ourselves to God being.”

It’s absolutely true: the Catholic concept of the holy trinity, in which God is both three separate people and still one being, is an aspect of the religion that its constituents never seem exactly eager to discuss.

“If God can be a mother, a father, a sister, a brother, cats, a dog, the air…whatever,” Burgess continues, “if God is a shapeshifter, then God is transforming. If God is transforming, then energy is transmuting. If energy is transmuting, God is trans. You do the math.”

Honestly, that math adds up. God is trans—we always knew it, but it took Burgess saying it to really drive the point home. In an era when violence against the trans and queer community is at an all-time high, it’s good to be reminded that HaShem is one of us, even if they seem conspicuously absent of late.

Burgess and Maron continue to talk about God, self-rejection, and being in the divine presence of Jennifer Hudson.

It’s a great listen all around, as always with Maron. But do be forewarned: there is a frank discussion of SA/child abuse, so please listen with caution.

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