This Trans Tattoo Artist Wants to Help Fight Dysmorphia With Free Hair Removal

· Updated on March 23, 2023

Body and gender dysmorphia is an incessant issue in the trans and non-binary community. And Siren’s Call Tattooing in Salford, Manchester is making plans on how they can alleviate whatever discomfort they can one person at a time. The trans,  neurodivergent business owner has set up a GoFundMe page to raise £15,000 to provide people with gender-affirming hair removal treatments.

The money will help the shop register as a charity, fund a laser hair removal machine, and training for the staff. The plan is to be able to provide free treatments to trans and non-binary people.

The creator of the campaign, Alden Tank, told PinkNews “I realized that basically this country has absolutely no help – it’s so underfunded, waitlists are between four to eight years just to get seen on the NHS. The government’s been in power for 10 years, and they’ve not done anything to alleviate that, which means they have no intention of ever really helping our community.”

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Tank’s agenda is to help people within their community, and it’s well “within their reach” as a tattoo artist. 

Not only can Siren’s Call Tattooing help trans people feel more comfortable with their bodies but also can prevent them from being attacked. “Facial hair is probably the biggest giveaway that stops a lot of trans women from passing, Passing is important psychologically, but it’s also important in order to avoid hate crimes and just being assaulted or insulted in public.” 

The comfort, confidence and safety this campaign could provide is limitless. Tank said in his response to PinkNews, “history has proven that the LGBTQ+ people will only move forward and be able to have a better life if we fight for it and take it ourselves. Coming together as a whole community is how we’ve gotten this far.”

If you would like to contribute to Tank and Siren’s Call Tattooing’s campaign, you can contribute to their GoFundMe Page.

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