Trixie Mattel Responds to (Allegedly) Getting Her Ideas Copied By Kylie Jenner

· Updated on February 14, 2022

Drag icon Trixie Mattel has built quite the makeup empire with her brand Trixie Cosmetics. It’s so impressive, in fact, that Kylie Jenner has apparently stolen her ideas.

Kylie Cosmetics recently posted promo images for its Valentine’s Collection, which includes blush sticks and lip glosses in totally adorable heart-shaped tubes.

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Well, they’d be more adorable if Trixie hadn’t already been using heart-shaped packaging for her own lipsticks for years.

Fans have pointed out that this isn’t Jenner’s first offense. She’s apparently been taking ideas from small queer artists for years with no credit. It’s not easy to prove, but the side-by-sides are mighty suspicious.

Fellow Drag Race alum Detox also took to Jenner’s comment section to call out the artistic plagiarism. “Yay! More thievery!” she wrote.

So, how did Trixie respond to being Kylie Cosmetics’ latest victim? With humor, of course. On Twitter, she posted a video with the caption, “​​breaking my silence and addressing the situation.” The video shows Trixie with a tube of her own makeup looking at the new Kylie collection as the X-Files theme plays.

Will Trixie eventually move from comedy to taking more serious action to protect her brand? Who’s to say. For now, her hilarious takes on the situation are enough to keep fans satisfied.

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