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Who is Dominic Sessa and why does everyone want him to play Bob Dylan?

Move over Timothée Chalamet, there’s a new twink du jour in town, and he’s coming for your crown.

If you haven’t seen the just-under-the-wire 2023 hit The Holdovers, you might be surprised to see a new face on the various red carpets we get this time of year. His name is Dominic Sesso, the breakout star of the Alexander Payne flick, and the people are already calling for him to play Bob Dylan in a new biopic to which Chalamet is already attached.

To be honest, we can’t blame them. I mean look at this guy. He’s got that gangly 2008 energy, that emo energy, that young Alex Turner swag.

The swag? Unparalleled. The hair? Phenomenal. The hundred-yard stare? The stuff of legend. Timothée can stick to Dune and Twonka…I think we’ve found our Dylan.

A star is born.

We love an awkward, gangly queen!

We love it.

We could never be him, and that’s why we’re obsessed with him.

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