Bob the Drag Queen just dragged this TikToker to filth for her homophobic comments

It seems like these days, people just can’t stop saying dumb sh*t on the Internet. First there was the infamous example of the TikToker formerly known as samd0ll (RIP) telling us why she, a white creator, found Beyoncé’s work boring. Soon after, we were treated to the racist antics of Asa Blanton, an Indiana State student who decided to parade her ignorance in front of the entire Internet. Then there was that one fatphobic guy. People are just saying whatever they want for an audience of millions and pretending to be shocked when they get dragged.

Onesuch unfortunate is a poster by the name of @juicylucyy, who recently went on TikTok to tell us what we already knew: that a lot of men are gay.

Well, yes! And it’s great news for us—the more gays the better we say! But this creator wasn’t celebrating the fact that more people are identifying as queer than ever before: she was talking about it like it’s a bad thing.

“A lot of you men be gay,” she says in the now-viral TikTok, pointing a disapproving finger at the camera.

Thankfully, TikTok icon and all-around hero Bob the Drag Queen stepped in to set a few things straight. “A lot of you women be homophobic,” Bob said in a stitch of the original video.

Bob goes on to call out the upsetting trend of straight women being gay allies only when it suits them. “A lot of you women be homophobic,” Bob begins, “but then you want to come around and get your hair done and get your nails done and kiki.”

It’s true: straight people have no problem with taking up space in gay bars and hanging with their gay besties. But allyship requires more than just hanging out.

Bob continued to rip the original poster’s homophobic comments to shreds, explaining that—contrary to what some straight people apparently believe—queerness is everywhere. Responding to the poster’s shock at discovering that there are “gay rumors” floating around “the hood,” Bob took the time to point out that yes, gayness, in fact, is not just something that happens in upper middle-class communities. “Do you think being gay comes in a vacuum?” Bob asked. “Queer people pop up in every facet of life, every corner of the Earth, every religion, every demographic.”

It seems absurd that this should have to be spelled out in the year of our Lord Beyoncé Cowboy Carter 2024, but once again, here we are.

“Gay people don’t come from gay people, baby,” Bob explains. “So yeah, people be gay.”

What a horrible world it would be if they weren’t!

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