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Here are the silliest, gaggiest, most out-of-pocket tweets for International Women’s Day

It’s International Women’s Day, which means it’s time to take a break from our usual patriarchal program to address the fact that women are magic. We know this! We’ve always known it!

Which is why the Internet is full of celebration today—as well as laughs. Because as every good gay knows, women have been carrying us since the dawn of time.

Most of the time, we have no words for everything women and femmes do for this community.

But we need to find the words.

And let’s not forget that this is a day to celebrate all women—no TERFS allowed!

While sometimes our male allyship might be a little silly…

We love y’all a lot. You are the revolution!

Trans, cis, queer, femme, masc, butch: we love all of you.

Never forget that you’re everything…

Every little thing you do actually IS magic…

And you certainly don’t need us to remind you of this, but you can do and be anything you want, including evil and dastardly!

We’ll leave you with this important message from lesbian icon Rachel Weisz…

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