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Short Shorts and This Article Will Make You Gay

· Updated on March 23, 2023

A viral tweet can rally supporters and divide households. In this case, a viral tweet about short shorts brought everyone from the far corners of the World Wide Web to discuss.

As summer approaches, tops get shorter and bottoms do too – your clothes that is. And for many queer men, relinquishing a long inseam on shorts has becomes a right of passage, or rather a part of the “gay starter pack”. 

And if you’re a millennial, you probably remember the time when wearing shorts that were long enough to be considered capris was the only way to be fashion forward. Anything less than that was associated with, well, homosexuality. 

However, we are fully aware that fashion has no sexual orientation or gender. You should be free to wear whatever you want. Our straight counterparts are slowly learning that lesson too and the inseams on straight mens’ shorts are shrinking everyday – bringing what’s being called “hoochie daddy season”. And more brands are profiting off of men, both straight and queer, who want to take “sky’s out thighs out” to a new level.

But for those who remember when short shorts weren’t not en vogue as they are now, they were quick to remind everyone online and support the tweet’s claim.

Of course, others wanted everyone to know that the 70s and 80s did indeed exist, giving our society some of the shortest of shorts in history. 

Granted, no complaints about men wearing short shorts over here. All we can say is keep degendering fashion, wear whatever you want, and if that includes a 3 inch inseam, then so be it. 

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