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Someone queered-up American Girl dolls — and humorless straight folk are unimpressed

Social media postings that give a queer spin to American Doll displays have gone viral online. The videos began to appear on the account of LA-based TikTokker @hannipanties. 

For example, this one, posted last November, has had over 2.5 million views. It reimagines a queer backstory for doll displays in American Girl stores. 


buy that fish local, babes

♬ original sound – Hannipanties

This one was also well-loved, with many TikTok viewers saying they wish they’d had queer American Girl dolls as kids. 

@hannipanties Replying to @Tempest ♬ original sound – Hannipanties

However, last week, the TikTokker posted a montage video to their Instagram account (@hannahmichelledraws)

The video received over 126,000 likes. However, many on Instagram failed to see the funny side and it prompted a more critical response. 

“Tell me you know nothing about AG without telling me you know nothing about AG,” was one well-liked comment. 

“These are dolls for little girls not everything is queer,” fumed another. 

Others waded into the conversation to say the dolls in one of the videos were twin sisters and not lesbian lovers. 

However, others said people really need to lighten up.

“The amount of grown adults taking this so serious 😂 This world is doomed,” observed someone else.

“People defending the heteronormative nature of dolls is WILD 😂” agreed another. 

Lesbian aunts

Although the videos represent a lighthearted take on real American Doll displays, it’s worth noting that American Doll has fallen foul with some conservatives in the past. In 2021, it released a doll named Kira Bailey. 

Her fictional biography states that the 10-year-old comes from Michigan and loves animals. A book with further details about her life includes her visiting a wildlife refuge in Australia run by her lesbian aunts, Mamie and Lynette. The book also notes that Kira’s aunts wed in 2017 after Australia extended marriage equality to same-sex couples.

That was enough for the evangelical pressure group One Million Moms to demand the brand be boycotted.

An American Girl doll named Kira Bailey
Kira Bailey (Photo: American Girl)

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