The Rubber Flag 

The rubber pride flag was designed by Peter Tolos and Scott Moats in 1995. This flag is not meant to represent any sexualities or gender identities. It is only meant to represent the rubber community as a whole. Regardless, this flag is often seen flying at pride week because a lot of LGBTQ+ community members also identify with the rubber subculture. 

What do the colors of the rubber flag stand for?

In order from top to bottom this is what each stripe stands for: 

  • Black: The desire for the rubber/latex look and feel.
  • Red: The blood passion for rubbermen (gay men with a rubber fetish) and rubber itself.
  • Yellow: A drive for intense rubber play and fantasies. 

Alternative version of the rubber flag

The rubber pride flag created by Tolos is the only of its kind. There are no multiples of the flag that specifically represents the rubber community. However, the rubber identity is a part of the BDSM community therefore a lot of rubber individuals wave the BDSM flag in addition to the flag created by Tolos. 

BDSM/Leather Flag

The BDSM flag was created specifically for the leather community. It has since become a symbol of the BDSM community and is often times seen during both BDSM and LGBTQ+ pride events. 

The flag was designed in 1989 by Tony DeBlase and has since represented the leather and BDSM community. DeBlase did not include specific meanings for the colors and the heart but since its creation members have made up their own meaning, the colors and symbol represent as follows: 

  • Black: Represents black leather.
  • Blue: Represents blue denim. 
  • White: Represents integrity.
  • Red Heart: Represents love. 

Want to learn more about being a part of the rubber community?

The rubber community is a subculture that involves wearing or fetishizing latex clothing. Wearing latex signals their association and pride with their unconventional approach to sex. Rubber subculture is often related to BDSM practices and interest in sexual activities that involve wearing latex apparel. The queer community has close ties to the BDSM community.

Sex positivity has come a long way. Both the LGBTQ+ community and the BDSM community have dealt with oppression and oftentimes, persecution. Being a part of the rubber community is something to be proud of and there are many supporters who will embrace you through the journey. Although it may be scary, fully understanding yourself can bring great comfort. 

Closing thoughts

The bottom line is representation matters. Flags are necessary when it comes to representing a community, identity, or sexuality. The BDSM community has increasingly grown in popularity in recent years and it is essential to have tools such as a flag to further grow awareness. 

This is not only important for community members who want to feel unified, but also for visibility purposes. The colors and symbols on a flag show the world what it means to be a part of that community and give everyone a chance to show their pride. 

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