If You Couldn’t Get Miss Vanjie Out Of Your Head Before, Wait Until You Hear Vanessa Vanjie Mateo’s New Song

These queens know what they’re doing. On the same day as the Drag Race Season 10 reunion, Vanessa Vanjie Mateo decided to drop her new single, “I’m Vanjie.”

The quote queen said herself during the reunion that she has been trying to milk, what she assumed would be, her solid 15 minutes of fame. “Originally I was like, ‘I need to get all my bookings quick,’” Vanjie said in the reunion, reflecting on her elimination. “Take your 15 and act like you was there the whole time.”

Well, this track is definitely that. “They sent me home first, but it’s really fine. Yeah, remember my ass? After just one line,” Vanjie raps in her first verse of the song. The song itself is very house and camp inspired — a classic drag song.

Also in the reunion, Vanjie talked about the moment she realized she went viral. She was performing in Denver with Dusty and fans started screaming “Miss Vanjie” while throwing cookies at her. It’s looking like Vanjie’s 15 minutes are far from over. Perhaps we’ll see her on All Stars 4 or she can pull a Shangela in Season 11!

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