I’m A Trans Male Bodybuilder

Competitive bodybuilder and fitness model Jesse Diamond is Andrew Christian’s newest (and first-ever transgender) trophy boy. At 27, the Tacoma, WA native says he still can’t believe the life he’s living.

“I honestly never imagined that I would earn a college degree, compete in an NPC or WBFF show, or become an underwear model,” Diamond says.

In INTO‘s docu-video following Diamond as he prepares for competition, he shares how transitioning and bodybuilding have helped him to inhabit his body in integral ways.

“As a child, I was never able to envision myself growing up to be a woman or feminine presenting person, but I had no idea what that meant,” Diamond tells INTO. “Once I started doing strength training and getting into bodybuilding, I watched my self-confidence grow more and more over time. As my physique developed over time, I noticed that what I saw as I looked into the mirror was becoming more aligned with how I saw myself in my head. Bodybuilding didn’t just give me passion and a sense of purpose, it helped me become who I always wanted to be; a strong and happy man.”



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