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Is Olivia Rodrigo’s “lacy” a sapphic love song?

Once again I am here to bring you the good word of Guts, Olivia Rodrigo’s game-changing album. If it hasn’t been playing on repeat in your head since it dropped on Friday…sweetie, what are you doing? It’s perfect. Not only that, it might even be a little gay.

If you’ll recall, way back in 2020 when Rodrigo’s debut album Sour shifted the cultural paradigm, a lot of talk was talked about her High School Musical: The Musical: The Series co-star Joshua Bassett allegedly being the protagonist of more than a few heartbreak anthems, including “driver’s license” and “good 4 u.” Bassett responded by coming out…sort of. And that was largely the end of the matter.

Or was it? Fast forward to today, after the release of Guts is reopening a few old wounds, and bringing up more than a few old questions. Namely: is Rodrigo’s track “lacy,” a soft, complicated ballad about a girl Rodrigo’s protagonist both loves and hates, envies and adores, compares herself to and can’t get away from, about a girl she likes? Is it about Sabrina Carpenter, a sapphic songwriter in her own right and Rodrigo and Bassett’s HSM:TM:TS costar? Is it about Rodrigo’s soured mentorship from Taylor Swift? Is it about someone else entirely? It’s never exactly been confirmed that Bassett broke up with Rodrigo to pursue a relationship with Carpenter, but it’s sure been implied plenty. Needless to say, the bisexual drama keeps unfolding.

And true to form, the people have thoughts.

Rodrigo has noted that she doesn’t like to explain away her lyrics. She wants to keep them up for interpretation, like the finest artists tend to do.

But the WLW vibes are strong.

Then again, is it any of our business? It’s not.

If the Gaylivia quotient is going to be anything like the Gaylor armies, this could all get very intense, very fast.

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