Is Venusaur a Frog? The Prospect Has People Shook

An electric mouse. A blue turtle. A fiery salamander.

The reference point for many (early) Pokemon is not too hard to decipher. But new video footage from Pokemon: Let’s Go, Eevee! — there’s a Pikachu version but Eevee is queer — suggests that we might have misjudged Venusaur and its earlier evolutions. The “saur” certainly suggests that each of them is supposed to be some kind of garden-based dinosaur (and therefore, related to flying pokemon *winks*), but this footage shows Venusaur hopping around like a frog.

See for yourself.

As Kotaku pointed out: the people, they are shook.

People even started to make drawings to explain this revelation about Venusaur’s gams.

At six feet seven inches and 220 lbs, Venusaur is repping for the thicc, agile girls.

We stan.

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