Jaboukie Young-White Translates ‘Masc’ For The Heterosexuals Watching ‘Jimmy Fallon’

· Updated on May 28, 2018

Here is something good and great: Our fave“Twitter comic” Jaboukie Young-White got some well-deserved national exposure last night thanks to a stand-up set on The Tonight Show.

All 335 seconds of his set are amazing, and I am poly with all of them. But if I haaaaaaad to pick a favorite moment, it would be the part where he talks about his struggles with flirting as a queer person who isn’t always read as queer, which includes a helpful translation of the word “masc” for the helpless heterosexuals watching at home.

“I can have a hard time flirting just because people don’t always read me as queer when they first meet me. I’ve been told I can come across as ‘masc,’ which, um, if you don’t know what that means, it’s basically just gay for… [li’l Valley girl laugh] I’m not like other girls,” Young-White said. “It’s, like, a little weird, but I actually really like whiskey. I’m kinda quirky!!”

Other highlights from his Tonight Show set include the part about losing track of how hot you are when you travel from city to city (“a Chicago hot is a New York cute, and a New York cute is an L.A. shun”), flirting with his Uber drivers, and how everything he does post-Trump’s election feels radical “just because I’m a minority” (“I ask the cashier for a cup of water, but I low key get some Sprite? Anti-capitalist.”).

Also good and great about Jaboukie’s set on The Tonight Show? He came out to his parents through it!

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