Jackée Harry and Eureka, Debra Messing and Doja Cat Are Feuding on Twitter

Everyone’s got Twitter fingers these days.

You can always count on Twitter dot com to serve you dumpster fire realness every day. But every once in a while, the website serves up a truly great rivalry featuring two celebrities you never thought would cross paths. On Tuesday night, Twitter served up TWO great feuds equally deserving of our attention.

Feud #1: Jackée Harry vs. Eureka

It all started with a simple daily affirmation. After Harry posted a run-of-the-mill inspiring tweet, Drag Race Season 10 contestant Eureka responded by saying “I live for this.”

Harry did NOT live for this.

“Wasn’t nobody talking to you,” Harry said in response.

Someone tweeted the Emmy winner pointing out how much they loved this new beef, but Harry said there is no beef.

“There is no Jackée vs. Eureka,” Harry wrote. “It’s Eureka vs. The People. And we aren’t waiting on Omarosa – these tapes have already been released.  #TOFREEDOM.”

Obviously, Harry is a Vixen stan — she even bantered back and forth with The Vixen in her mentions.

People were definitely here for the new 2018 rivalry.


Feud #2: Debra Messing and Doja Cat

You might remember Doja Cat as the force behind the viral hit “Mooo!” which rightfully earwormed its way into our hearts. Doja Cat found herself in hot water when she tried to explain away some past uses of a certain homophobic slur that begins with F. Her explanation included an admission that she’s used the word 15,000 times, which upset official Defender of the Gays Debra Messing.

“SERIOUSLY, @DojaCat?! How can you be so ignorant? Do know how many people you are hurting? Use your fame and platform for Good. It’s a privilege,” Messing wrote to Cat on Twitter.

Doja Cat eventually released a better apology on Twitter.

“I truly apologize to anyone that I’ve offended or deeply hurt with my words,” she wrote. “I used these hateful and derogatory words out of ignorance and didn’t intend to discriminate against anyone for their race, religion or sexual orientation.”


People were similarly obsessed with this very 2018 occurrence.


Twitter, never change!

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